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Europes best buy CBD oils - Super quality without THC

What is CBD oil or cannabis oil?


CBD oil is a common name for oils that contain extracts from the active substances found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis is also called hemp, but the oil should not be confused with hemp seed oil, which is typically used in cooking.


The products we sell are manufactured in Switzerland. All are oil-based and contain hemp extract, which has a high content of cannabinoids. We note that the products are not approved as medical preparations, and therefore we do not market them as this - for the same reason we do not advise on the use of the products you find in our assortment.

If the products were sold as medicine, it would require a special permission to negotiate them. A permit that would complicate sales for both ourselves and our customers. They would have to seek out their own doctor and get a prescription that allowed the purchase of cannabis oil.


What are we selling? Fortunately, just hemp products with a high content of cannabinoids, it does not require a prescription to buy. The products will be shipped as soon as you have made an order. Therefore, they are quickly promoted at your address.


How is CBD oil produced?


The active substances contained in hemp are found in the flower and leaves. The method used when making CBD oil and extract determines whether the active substances are preserved. It is therefore important that it is the very correct method used when extracting the CBD oil.


There are several methods for extracting hemp extract. The CO2 extraction is the one that is most used. Depending on the method used, you get a different product that has its own distinctive taste, fragrance and appearance.


All oils sold at have been tested so that you are not only sure that they have the highest possible quality but also that they comply with all of the rules and requirements that apply in Europe. Our entire catalog of products is thus approved for sale in the EU.

It is not all countries that allow the sale and purchase of cannabis oil. Please be aware of the applicable rules in the country you wish the item shipped to.

Do you have any questions?
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